We provide a comprehensive biometric software product, services, and solutions as an independent supplier (independent from hardware vendors, AFIS suppliers, multinationals, and system integrators). This independence ensures that using our products not only incorporates high-quality, reliable, best-of-breed functionality into a solution, but also enables a modular, flexible, extensible architecture that delivers substantial long-term benefits to the system owner.

Enrolment and verification

Our browser-based and app based biometric enrolment, verification, identification and data management solution greatly simplifies the deployment, management, and maintenance of biometric enrolment workstation software as compared to thick-client applications, and is particularly effective for large and geographically distributed deployments.

The solution is used for biographic data collection and validation, fingerprint image auto capture, or face auto capture, as well as document capture. Once data and images are captured, they are submitted to the central server, where configurable workflows and modular software applications are used for processing, routing, and storage of each transaction


At first glance, the principle of using modern technology to automate the laborious and time-consuming task of manually processing fingerprints appears straightforward. However, the evolution of the AFIS into a highly efficient and effective tool, capable of scrutinizing vast databases and providing potential fingerprint matches in a matter of seconds, is the product of intensive research and development that now stretches back over five decades.

Our Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System (AFIS) enables creating, storing and searching of fingerprint/palmprint electronic databases. Build on a Flexible and responsive modular architecture makes it possible to create secure, reliable and cost efficient identification systems from single machine workstation to nation-wide geographically distributed networked solutions


Focusing on the technology of biometrics, combined with the latest biometrics, we have collaborated with companies who are specialized in the design, development and manufacture of biometric registration kits and related products for identity registration and identification, equipped with the latest models of biometric devices. We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently, providing cost-effective, customized biometric and identity management products and services to our global customers.